Graduate Council



    The Postgraduate and Research Council is the body that plans and guides the activities of Postgraduate Studies at ITA, as well as the application of its rules. The functions of the CPG are described in detail in document NPA-ITA-017, available here (see "Standard Rules of Action").


    • Dean of Graduate Studies (IP)
      Heads of the Postgraduate and Research (IP-PG) and Continuing Education (IP-EC) Divisions
      Coordinator of the Institutional Scientific Initiation Scholarship Program (PIBIC)
      Program Coordinators and Executive Coordinators
      PPGAO Coordinator
      Student Representative (APG-ITA)


    Congregation meetings are held as per the CPG Calendar.


    The ITA legislation, including the Regulatory Rules for Graduate Studies can be consulted here (see "graduate courses"). Additionally, the resolutions listed below were approved at CPG meetings: