DCTA Campus


    Graduate students find at their disposal several facilities that make their campus life more practical and enjoyable. With the new Building of the Fundamental Sciences Division, which aims to create new teaching support facilities for the ITA public, both professors and students, providing a set of rooms for professors, classrooms, laboratories and study environments for students of undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral fellows, seeking to meet the demands of durability, ease of maintenance, flexibility of use and contemporary architecture, so that students can enjoy a pleasant environment that encourages thought and reflection.

    Installation of the Fundamental Sciences Division building

    Teaching and Research Infrastructure

    In the new building of the Fundamental Sciences Division, the PG/FIS has two rooms for visiting professors and five rooms for postdocs. It also has a meeting room to be used by graduate students. In addition, we have two rooms to be used by graduate students in physics, with a capacity for more than 60 students in total. One of them is a UnderGraduate Integration room that can be shared with undergraduate students involved in scientific initiation research project, Master's-Graduate Program (PMG), and TG in collaboration with program professors. for 10 undergraduate and 20 graduate students, with their tables alternating with each other. There is space for discussion, with whiteboards, in two rooms attached to the main room. All graduate students receive a computer for personal use and all division faculty have an individual room measuring approximately 15 m2.

    The Research infrastructure of the Laboratories associated with PG/FIS used by students can be seen in the part referring to Research Laboratories.


    The ITA Library is a center for Scientific and Technological Information. With the DCTA badge, the graduate student can register at the library and borrow books. Consultations, reservations and renewals can also be carried out by the library:

    Study tables
    Digital Library of Theses
    Access to specialized electronic journals
    Aid for making theses

    DCTA Campus Facilities

    ITA is one of the Institutes that make up the DCTA (Department of Aerospace Science and Technology). Located in the central region of the city of São José dos Campos - SP, the DCTA campus (Campo Montenegro) is a vast area, very wooded and pleasant. The campus has a functional area (where the Institutes are located) and a residential area (where the relatives of civil and military servants reside and where ITA undergraduate students' accommodation is installed). Campo Montenegro provides its residents with conditions and access to the facilities necessary for community life:

    Bank Branches Library Gas Station Primary and Secondary Degree School Tailoring COCTA Restaurant
    Canteens Residential Area Barbershop Beauty Salon Sports Square Recreational Clubs
    Supermarket and Bakery Stationery Chapel Laundry Civil and Military Airport Transit Hotel


    Ordinance (Phone: 3947-3030)