To enter the Master's or Doctoral program at the Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica, the student must first go through the Selection Process, which is well before enrollment, from April to mid-May for those who wish to enroll on the 2nd. Semester and September to mid-October for those intending to enter the 1st. Semester of the following year. The specific dates for each year's Admission Process can be found on the Graduate Calendar.

    Enrollment in Masters and Doctorate

    Enrollment in Master's or Doctorate program must be performed by all students in all semesters, in the periods indicated in the ITA Graduate Calendar. For the first semester, enrollment takes place at the end of January and for the second semester at the end of June. 

    Electronic Registration Form

    Enrollments for the selection process must be made through the Electronic Enrollment Form. The link to the electronic application form can be found on the Selection Process page of the ITA website,


    Special Student Office (12) 3947-5875; Master's and Doctorate Service Secretariat (12) 3947-5857 or Master's and Doctorate Registration Secretariat (12) 3947-5851. If the student does not intend to take courses, he must apply for enrollment in the XX-500 Thesis course. After the enrollment period, it is possible to enroll in an additional subject or substitute subject. Enrollment rectification can be carried out on a single date at the beginning of the academic period, defined in the graduate calendar.