Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems


    Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Marco Antonio Ridenti

    The ITA group of nonlinear dynamics develops theoretical research in the areas of fusion plasmas; space and astrophysical fluids and plasmas; orbital dynamics and celestial mechanics. This area comprises the modeling, simulation and analysis of complex systems found in nature and in the laboratory. Dynamic systems, usually modeled by ordinary and partial differential equations, are studied aiming at a detailed description of their chaos, in order to understand, predict and control natural and engineering systems.

    Research topics:

    • Chaos in Fusion Plasma
      • Numerical simulation in cold plasmas; Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics applied to tokamaks;
      • Low Aspect Ratio Tokamaks Study
      • Electrical Discharges
      • Chaos in non-dissipative dynamic systems, applied to tokamaks
      • Numerical Simulation in Cold Plasmas
    • Chaos in Astronautics and Celestial Mechanics
      • Calculation of Space Trajectories
      • Dynamics of many bodies in the Solar System
      • Hyperbolic invariant structures and their varieties
      • Capture and escape of trajectories in the Solar System
      • Nonlinear dynamics and chaos in Hamiltonian and dissipative systems, in particular, plasma systems
    • Chaos and Turbulence in Space and Astrophysical Fluids and Plasmas
      • Turbulence in accretion disks
      • Rayleigh-Bénard Convection
      • Solar dynamo
      • Non-linear waves
      • 1D, 2D and 3D simulations
      • Chaotic mix
      • Coherent Lagrangian structures
      • Self-organization and pattern formation
    • Oscillations in plasmas
      • Turbulence and instabilities of magnetically confined plasmas
      • Oscillations control by magnetic disturbances or electromagnetic waves
    • Study of solar plasma and ionospheric plasma
      • Study of solar plasma interaction with electric and magnetic fields, temporal variation and interactions with the Earth's lower atmosphere
      • Ionospheric plasma modelling
    • Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics
      • Application and study of theoretical tools to describe non-thermodynamic equilibrium phenomena in space and laboratory plasmas, reactive and non-reactive fluids and radiation fields
      • Kinetic theory applied to plasmas

    Permanent Professors:

    • Prof. Dr. Érico Luiz Rempel: Waves in Plasmas, Chaos, Non-Linear Dynamics.
    • Prof. Dr. Jayr de Amorim Filho ( Electrical Discharges.
    • Prof. Dra. Marisa Roberto: Numerical Simulation in Cold Plasmas; Chaos and Transport Phenomena in Tokamaks.
    • Prof. Dr. Marco Antonio Ridenti: Numerical Simulation in Cold Plasmas, Space Plasmas, Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics.