Nuclear Physics


    Coordinator: Prof. Dr. César Henrique Lenzi

    Nuclear and Hadronic Structure, Relativistic Models. Particle phenomenology. Quantum Field Theory, Cosmology, Astrophysics and Gravitation. Nuclear Reactions and General Scattering.

    Research Topics:

    • Nuclear and Hadronic Structure
      • Relativistic models for the nucleus and hadrons
      • Particle phenomenology
      • Pairing, nucleon-nucleon correlations and collective excitations in finite nuclei, including deformation and nuclear matter
      • Exotic nuclei, few-body structures
    • Nuclear Reactions and General Scattering
      • Multiple scattering
      • Formation and decay of composite nuclei
      • Fragmentation reactions
      • Coulomb excitation
      • Nuclear reactions between nuclei, heavy ions and exotic nuclei
      • Nuclear data of few bodies
    • Quantum Field Theory, Astrophysics, Cosmology and Gravitation
      • Electroweak interactions
      • Phase transition phenomena
      • Renormalization in quantum mechanics
      • Nuclear astrophysics
      • Astrochemistry and astrobiology
      • Cosmological models
      • Detection and generation of gravitational waves

    Permanent Professors:

    • Prof. Dr. Brett Vern Carlson: Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Reactions.
    • Prof. Dr. César Henrique Lenzi: Astrophysics and Gravitation.
    • Prof. Dr. Manuel Máximo Bastos Malheiro de Oliveira: Nuclear and hadronic structure, Astrophysics.
    • Prof. Dra. Mariana Dutra: Hadronic and Nuclear Physics; Application in Astrophysics; Dark matter.
    • Prof. Dr. Odilon Lourenço: Hadronic and Nuclear Physics; Astrophysics; Dark matter; Quark Phenomenology.
    • Prof. Dr. Pedro Jose Pompeia: Quantum Field Theory and Cosmology.
    • Prof. Dr. Tobias Frederico: Nuclear Structure; Nuclear Reactions; hadron physics.
    • Prof. Dr. Wayne Leonardo de Paula: Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics.
    • Prof. Dr. Franciole Marinho: Particle Physics, Experimental Neutrino Physics.