Graduation Secretary


    The Graduate secretaries are on the 1st floor of the new Building of the Fundamental Sciences Division, room F1-102.

    Office hours:

    Note: During the Coronovirus Pandemic, assistance will only be provided by telephone or e-mail.

    Monday to Thursday
    • Morning: 8:30 - 11:30
    • Evening: 13:30 - 17:00
    • Morning: 8:30 - 11:30

    Secretaries divided by subject:

    • Special Student and Isolated Subject: Doubts, registration
      phone: (12) 3305-8546, living room F1-102, Contact: Luciana
    • Service: Questions about the courses, badge, requirements, credit count, dissertation and thesis.​
      phone: (12) 3305-8547, living room F-102, Contact: Elenice
    • Record: School transcript, diploma, enrollment, graduation
      phone: (12) 3305-8545, living room F1-102, Contact: Sheila
    • PROAP/PROEX Office: Support for participation in events and congresses
      phone: (12) 3305-8542, living room F1-102, Contact: Marco Aurelio
    • Professional Master's Degree: Doubts, enrollment, badge, requirements, academic record, diploma, graduation
      phone: (12) 3305-8543, living room F1-102, Contact: Keila
    • Secretariat of the Postgraduate and Research Division: Accommodation at the Transit Hotel, Masters/Doctorate scholarships (CAPES/CNPq), Scientific Initiation (PIBIC), CPG meetings
      phone: (12) 3305-8544, living room F1-102, Contact: Vanessa
    • Secretariat of the Continuing Education Division: questions, registration, information about Lato Sensu courses
      phone: (12) 3305-8546, living room F1-102, Contact: Luciana

    Another way to contact the Postgraduate Office is through whatsapp (12) 99147-1625.