PG-FIS professor consulted by National Geographic Magazine on neutron star research

Anomalous pulsars could come from white dwarfs, according to professor Malheiro.


    A recent report by the American National Geographic highlighted new observations of pulsars with very slow rotation, which are difficult to understand as neutron star pulsars.

    In the report, PG-FIS professor Manuel Malheiro, who has been conducting research in the area at ITA for over 10 years, was consulted by the National Geographi Magazine on the subject. Prof. Malheiro mentions his hypothesis that these pulsars could result from the rotation of white dwarfs and not neutron stars.

    The work in the area of ​​compact bodies has been developed by prof. Manuel Malheiro at ITA along with post-graduate students supervised by him, such as Dr. Ronaldo Lobato (University of Los Andes, Colombia), prof. Dr. Jaziel Coelho (Federal University of Vitória, Espírito Santo), prof. Edson Otoniel (Federal University of Carirí, Ceará) and Sarah Borges, with a PhD in progress at the University of Wisconsim, in Milwaukee.

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