The Specific Objectives in the Training of Masters and Doctors

In addition to the regional impact of the program, we aim to train personnel for the national and foreign labor market, to work in companies that develop technology, including also teaching/research institutions in Brazil and abroad.


    1. Solid basic training in physics, through basic disciplines at Graduate level as Quantum Mechanics, Nuclear Physics, Plasma Physics, Solid State Physics, Statistical Physics.

    2. Training within the scope of ITA and abroad laboratories;

    3. Academic and/or applied research with original results associated with theoretical/applied/technological developments that lead to products, whether publications in journals or technology development (patents/processes);

    4. Train the student also within PG-FIS research groups, observing the limits of individual and group work, involving CI students and especially postdocs;

    5. To train students with experience in working in groups, obtained through interaction/collaboration with professors/researchers from Brazil and abroad, placing them in projects with the participation of researchers and institutions from Brazil and abroad, with their work presented in Brazil and abroad;

    6. Training with a sandwich scholarship and co-tutorship abroad, providing an international experience.

    7. Form independent researchers who can start their own research groups once they graduate.

    8. Train researchers able to work outside academia.