Graduate student Kamyar Mohseni publishes in Physics Letters B

Publication title: Three-boson stability for boosted interactions towards the zero-range limit


    The open access work “Three-boson stability for boosted interactions towards the zero-range limit” was published in Physics Letters B and can be seen at S0370269321007139. The first author of the work is doctoral student Kamyar Mohseni, from Iran, from the postgraduate program in Physics at ITA, and involved a collaboration between ITA, UFC and the University of Ohio. This work is part of a broad collaboration project between ITA, UFC and CBPF funded by CNPq through the title project “From condensed matter to statistical physics: proposals in energy, sensors and nuclear“, which includes 10 doctoral scholarships in an amount approximately one million reais.

    In the published work, it was demonstrated the existence of the zero-range limit in short-range potentials considering a system of three quantum bosons having the relativistic dispersion relation and interacting with relativistically transformed potentials for the rest frame of the system. Unlike the case of three non-relativistic quantum bosons which is an unstable system and collapses (famous Thomas collapse), it was discovered that this same system with relativistic dynamics is surprisingly stable in this limit. We compare our results with the solution derived from the Bethe-Salpeter equation with zero range interaction, as well as with the results of its projection on the light front.

    The next step in this collaboration will be to use the techniques developed to deal with few quantum bodies for atomic systems in condensed matter, studying for example trions in new two-dimensional materials, which can be applied, for example, from solar cells to quantum computing.